Breckenridge Village of Tyler

A faith-based residential community for individuals with mild to moderate developmental disabilities.


Residential Programs

BVT has 9 residential homes for individuals with developmental disabilities. Residential homes are licensed as Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities through Texas Health and Human Services Commission.  Each home provides 24/7 care by professional staff, as well as a full-time registered nurse. Each resident enjoys their own private bedroom.

Day Program and Vocational Training

The Day Program at Breckenridge Village of Tyler offers multiple opportunities for personal growth and continuous development. Through routine daily activities and optional enrichment activities, residents participate in such varied experiences as making candles, delivering Meals on Wheels, singing in a choir, going bowling, arts and crafts, photography, learning computer skills, and much more.  Day Program activities help meet our residents’ basic human needs: to be safe, to be healthy, to be productive, to have friends, to help others, to feel appreciated, to develop spiritually, to make choices, to be accepted, to have fun, to be creative, etc.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development begins with BVT staff members interacting with residents in a manner that is consistent with Christian values and principles. . Residents pray before each meal. Residents attend a daily chapel service Monday through Friday. Residents also attend Sunday church services with transportation and staff supervision provided to Green Acres Baptist Church or with transportation arranged by family to the church of the resident’s choice. The BVT choir sings periodically in area churches and nursing homes and before senior citizen groups and community gatherings. Residents are not coerced into any specific belief system but rather are nurtured and encouraged to develop their own personal faith. Staff is respectful of the religious diversity of our residents.

Community Service

Community Service opportunities for residents include:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Jesus Closet Homeless Ministry
  • East Texas Food Bank
  • Children’s Emergency Relief International
  • Green Acres Baptist Church

Residents benefit from the experience of serving others in need, gain a sense of productivity, and take pride in their accomplishments through frequent involvement in a variety of community service projects. Through community service, the residents of BVT experience the joy of giving of themselves by helping others in need.

Health and Media Screening

Health and Medical Services include daily administration of all medications, transportation to health care appointments, and monitoring of health concerns. These services are rendered through the capable BVT medical team consisting of one full-time Registered Nurse, one Licensed Vocational Nurse, and one Medical Assistant on staff and a local physician who serves as Medical Director (consultant on medical policies and procedures). The RN trains all direct care staff in administering medications to residents, provide routine assessment of residents’ health needs, coordinate health care information with families and physicians, and manage the campus clinic. All BVT staff members receive emergency response and CPR training annually.

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling is provided as needed by professionals for those residents capable of participating productively in the counseling process. The length and depth of the counseling is based upon the resident’s ability to benefit from such intervention. When a resident is experiencing difficulty due to grief, separation from family, anxiety, or concerns about relationships, BVT staff provides a listening ear, constructive feedback, encouragement, and options for coping more satisfactorily with the stresses of life.

Recreation and Exercise

Recreation and Exercise are integral parts of residents’ routines. BVT has a well-equipped physical fitness room where residents exercise for one hour a day, four days a week. BVT also has a fully-fenced, constant-depth swimming pool for regular use during the day program and for leisure use at scheduled times. Water aerobics, walking and other organized activities encourage residents to stay physically fit. Residents bowl each Monday afternoon in the family life center of Green Acres Baptist Church of Tyler. Residents also enjoy frequent community outings such as shopping, going to movies, and taking field trips to area attractions such as museums, the Tyler zoo, the Athens fish hatchery, and other sites of interest. Community outings occur most frequently on Fridays or Saturdays.

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